A new era

It’s 2023. The bird site is on fire. Real life Tony Stark has turned out to be an egomaniacal narcissist. An extinct relative of the elephant is our great new hope for a decentralized public square. People are using Bing, unironically. And in the middle of this whirlwind, I decided to sit down at my desk and put my thoughts on the internet in the oldest, most tried and true way: blogging.

Unburdened by character limits and free from what we’ve pleasantly described as “discourse,” blogging gives me the outlet I’ve always wanted. A place for me to share my thoughts as they are, without sparking flame wars. Not that I don’t want to spark discussions: I do. I think the best part of the internet is its ability to allow for a melting pot of ideas, where everyone can contribute and consensus can be born. I believed social media would benefit that, but instead it has turned the firehose of ideas into a firehose of shit and we’re all paying the price.

So, I unburden myself of the Twitters and Facebooks of the world. I’ve moved my primary social outlet to Mastodon, where I’ll continue to post my random thoughts and engage in discussions. But for longer and more developed thoughts, the kind of stuff I want to spark conversations, I’ve decided to begin posting here. This journey will be rough – finding time for blogging in a busy 24/7 world will be tough – but I hope that I can rise to the challenge. And I hope you, dear reader, will join me on this journey.